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Lakeside home in Samaan GroveSELLING YOUR PROPERTY IN TOBAGO

If you have a property of any type in Tobago which you want to list for sale, either exclusively or non-exclusively, we can feature it on our website with its international coverage, add it to our internal listings which are sent to all internet enquirers, we can erect signage on it if appropriate and advertise it in our local national media at optimum times in the year when Tobago is at its most busy with visitor arrivals.

To list your property with SeaJade:
  • Email us ideally with initial information on yourself and the property.
  • Follow up with copies of your title deed, the latest land tax receipt and a survey plan or cadastral if you have one.
  • Show us, or allow us to view your property, take photographs, and then recommend a selling price based on our professional knowledge of the Tobago market. We will then jointly sign a contract stating the terms of our agreement and the commission rates, selling price etc.
  • We recommend an exclusive listing contract which can be simply terminated if necessary by 30 days written notice. This exclusive contract will allow us to register the listing with our national Association and have the listing circulated to the 50 Broker members who work largely in Trinidad, so coverage of your property will be greatly enhanced. An exclusive contract also give us, your only Broker, much greater incentive to promote your property knowing that we are in control and will eventually earn commission and recover our investment in the marketing. And you too benefit from having to work with only one professional agent who has your best interests at heart!
  • SeaJade will actively promote, and advertise your property, bringing to you all offers received and/or market feedback. When an offer is accepted by you, SeaJade will negotiate and draw up a Sales Agreement, accept the 10% deposit as Stakeholder into our client (escrow) account and facilitate the purchaser’s attorney until completion of the sale. We will stick with you to the end!!
  • For the foreign seller, repatriation of proceeds of sale is legally permitted, but in 2015 foreign exchange began to get scarce and by early 2016 almost all foreign reserves were exhausted. What this means to a seller from overseas is that he/she will be unable to convert a payment in TT dollars to a currency of his/her choice and may be faced with the slow transfer of funds, over time, as currency becomes available. Alternatively, a buyer may be sought who has access to funds outside of T&T so that payment for the property can be made in that currency direct to the country of origin of the seller. Clearly this is not a permanent situation and should be checked at the time a transaction is being considered..
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